Engine Stores


Our range consist of the following: - Rubber Air Hose, Welding hoses, Corrugated Rubber hose, PVC water suction/Delivery Hose, Steam Rubber Hose, Chemical Rubber Hose, Oil Transfer Hose, PVC Air duct Hose, PVC industrial hose, Hydraulic rubber hoses


Our range consist of the following: - Penetrating Oil, Multi-Purpose Grease, Rust Preventives, Gear Grease, Bearing Grease, Wire Rope Grease, Fish Oil & Tallow


We cover the entire range of Paint brushes& paint rollers, Paint mittens, Aluminum extension poles, Nylon deck brushes, Non-spark deck brushes, Hand wire brushes, Wire cup & Wire wheel brushes, (standard type, knotted type), long & short handle brooms, Bath mats, Coir door mats, Deck Rubber mats, Plastic sheeting, Corrugated rubber matting.


Pneumatic Tools list Pneumatic Impact Wrenches + And its Accessories, Pneumatic Angle Grinders + And its Accessories, Pneumatic Die Grinders, Pneumatic Straight Grinders, Pneumatic Hand Drills, Pneumatic Chipping Hammers + And its Accessories, Pneumatic scaling Hammers + And its Accessories (Kobe - Japan), Pneumatic Deck Scalers + And its Accessories (Kobe - Japan), Pneumatic Jet Chisels + And its Accessories, Explosion Proof Air Saws (Fuji-Japan), Pneumatic Driven Mucking Winches and its Accessories (“Skatool “-Singapore Universal winch co.), Tank Cleaning Machines And Its Accessories. (Cloud-USA), High Pressure Spray Cleaners (Jet Cleaners) “Kranzle” (Germany), Air Turbine Ventilators - “Latintec” (Argentina), Water Driven Turbine Fans - “Lantitec” (Argentina), Air or Steam Driven Turbine Fans - “Lantitec” (Argentina), Diaphragm Pumps - “Versamatic” (USA), Pneumatic Sumps Pumps - Tsurumi (Japan), Pneumatic Drums Pumps - (Korea), Pneumatic Chain Hoists - “Budgit” (USA), “Bando” (Korea) .

Electrical Tools

Portable Electrical Drills (110V + 220V) + Accessories, Electric Angle Grinders (110V + 220V) + Accessories, Electric Straight Grinders (110V + 220V) + Accessories, Electric Hand Grinders (110V + 220V) + Accessories, Electric Circular Fans (110V + 220V) + Accessories, Portable Electric Jig Saws (110V + 220V) + Accessories, Portable Rod Cutters (110V + 220V) + Accessories, Electric Blowers (110V + 220V) + Accessories, Electric Scaling Machines (110V + 220V) + Accessories(“Kobe - Japan + Sratool - Singapore), Electric Chain Hoists - “Budgit ”(U.S.A.) “Bando” (Korea), Electric Portable Ventilation Fans (110V + 220V) + Accessories


Holding a comprehensive range of all tools from reputed suppliers such as " Bahco" (Sweden), "Carl Walter" (Germany), "Super" (Japan) to an a few. Our range consists of: Socket Wrench Sets, Power Wrenches, Straub Coupling, Double open end Wrench sets, Valve Wheel Wrenches, Hexagon Bit sets, Allen Hexagon Wrench set, Adjustable Wrenches, Torque Wrenches, Different types of hammers, Drum hooks, Punching Tools , Hydraulic Wire Rope cutter, Hydraulic Pipe bender, Hydraulic bearing puller


Marine Contractors: